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Our Process

Our process starts when you send us your contact information HERE

Then we can schedule an Energy Assessment to create the best energy-efficient solution for you


Free Energy Assessment

Our Technical Team will conduct an assessment of your site to gather data that will identify areas to make upgrades & improvements for potential energy savings


Customized Proposal for Review & Approval

Once we have all the project information, our Team will create a proposal with the retrofit design including the cost-benefit analysis and projected ROI. Financing & Incentives will be applied to the project.


Installation of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Installation is performed by Idaho Energy Innovations technicians to realize your energy savings expectations while ensuring top quality and performance.


Monitoring & Measurement of Savings

Once all the upgrades are installed, we will continue to monitor the new equipment to ensure it is not defective. You can also expect a reduction on your power bill once the energy-efficient improvements are installed.

Free Energy Assessment



At Idaho Energy Innovations, our experienced technical team will conduct energy assessments that help you realize opportunities for savings. In our Free Energy Assessment, you will be able to:

Schedule Energy Assessment

Are You an Idaho Power Customer?
Are You the Owner or DecisionMaker?
  • Have an in-depth evaluation of areas for energy efficiency improvements

  • Understand how much energy your site consumes

  • Identify your site's energy saving potential resulting in a lower power bill

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